The SKETCH ATLAS is a tool for learning and teaching with high quality video tutorials on the topic of architectural sketching (freehand drawing).

The SKETCH ATLAS is a product developed by Hasselt University at the Faculty of Architecture and arts. The SKETCH ATLAS is a ®-product. SKETCH ATLAS is a registered European trademark and is hence protected by intellectual property rights, belonging exclusively to Hasselt University.

At the moment the video content focuses on a complete course in the basic foundations of architectural freehand drawing divided in 2 modules. There is also a third non-tutorial module focusing on the implementation of freehand drawing in the work of architects.

Module 1: From Line to Space
– From basic markmaking to more complex designs.
– Perspective understanding and constructive approach to drawing.

Module 2: Seeing and Measuring
– Drawing from observation with step-by-step landmarks.
– Analytical understanding and seeing critically. 

Module 3: Narrations
– Talks about sketchbooks and design-process.
– Get inspired by other architects and students.
* Still in Dutch at the moment, but we are working on adding English subtitles.

SKETCH ATLAS can be used by teachers for both in class and online teaching, as a full curriculum on the basics of freehand drawing or as an addition to their existing teaching.
The tutorials cover principles and techniques, but not assignments since those are specific to each education.

SKETCH ATLAS can be used by students to improve their skills in freehand drawing wherever they want, being it as an add-on to their existing education or as a self exploratory curriculum.  

SKETCH ATLAS is also avaible for individuals and organisations outside schools who want to brush up on their freehand drawing skills or who just want to learn to draw.

The Sketch Atlas is a work-in-progress. At the moment there are 28 tutorials (8,5 hours) ready to be watched.
The main focus of the tutorials is foundations of freehand drawing.

Besides the 28 tutorials there also recordings of architects talking about their sketchbooks and their freehand drawing experience for inspiration.

The Sketch Atlas consists of a thumbnail grid of videos.

You can navigate by chapters, tags and search function. You can also start watching from left to right, top to bottom since they are in chronological order. 

If you click on a thumbnail of a video, a video-player will appear. You can navigate by using the chapters and adapt the playback speed to your own liking

At SKETCH ATLAS, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Therefore we offer different options to accommodate different learning speeds.

We can also accommodate schools and organizations through a custom offer. Contact us at info@sketchatlas.org if you would like more info.

When you sign up for an account, you already get access to one free tutorial. We hope this will give you a good idea of what SKETCH ATLAS is all about. Then you can subscribe to get access to the remaining tutorials.

Currently we do not offer refunds since we offer a streaming service and not a product. If you are unsure, we recommend purchasing a short subscription to see if you like it.

However, we will offer refunds if there is a billing issue on our end due to a technical error. Please review your renewal options in the account tab very carefully.

To manage subscriptions you need to go to the “account” tab and go to “settings”. Here you will get an overview of all your settings. Under “subscriptions” you can manage your active subscriptions.

Note that “auto-renewal” is only possible if the subscription was paid with a credit card. You do have the possibility to disable this.

With other payment options you will have to manually pay again when the subscription expires. You will receive an email when the subscription expires to renew your subscription. You also have the option to renew your subscription early with “renew now”. Your renewal will then be added on top of the durations of the active subscription.

Of course, you can also “cancel” your subscription so that it is not renewed. The subscription will then only remain active until the chosen period

At this time, it’s all about the basics of freehand drawing. We start from scratch and build a strong foundation for students. This way they are better prepared for more advanced subjects, techniques and applying drawing in their designs. We do have plans to produce more content on more advanced topics.

You can always contact us for a demo if you are interested in the Sketch Atlas for your organization. You can contact us at info@sketchatlas.org.

Of course, your feedback is very welcome. If you have any suggestions or remarks, please let us know at info@sketchatlas.org.

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