A blended learning tool for (architectural) sketching

The ‘Sketch Atlas’ (SA) is an innovative, educational tool for blended learning with specialised video tutorials on the topic of architectural sketching (free hand design drawing).

The SA embraces a complete didactic academic course, structured in three main learning modules:
1. imaginative design drawing
2. observational drawing
3. sketchbook stories.
The SA is developed in collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture and arts and the Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM) of Hasselt University.

The tutorials are the result of capturing huge amounts of video data by an arrangement of two high performance cameras and specialised processing software.

The SA embraces a unique product, on the crossroad of technical innovation and pedagogical knowledge. Unlike regular teaching books, the tutorials zoom in on the process of sketching in a very dynamical way.

Development Team

Aarnoud De Rycker

Developer & founder

Saidja Heynickx

Promoter & founder

Lieve Weytjens

Business Developper

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